100% Color Match Guarantee
100% Color Match Guarantee

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The latest ‘All In One' system for rock chips, scratches and scuffs.

100% Color Match Guarantee

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For most of us, our vehicles are our second or even our largest single investments. Because of this, we try to keep them running as long as possible. Engine repairs, regular maintenance, new tires, car washes, etc are just some of the things we do to keep our cars and trucks healthy. But what about those road chips from flying rock on the highways, scrapes and scuffs from rogue grocery carts, and the mystery scratches that appear out of nowhere. It’s time to think about car and truck touch up paint.

Damaged paint is not just a cosmetic issue. Scratches, chips, scuffs and dings can mean exposed metal. Exposed metal on a car means rust and rust means holes and structural issues. Sure, your car will look better if you fix those nasty paint chips and scrapes but let’s call it a bonus that your car will not be losing a little of itself literally, every time you hit the highway. This is where our auto touch up spray paints and paint touch up pens come in handy. Use our year, make, and model search above to find your vehicle and paint color codes or enter your color code if you already have it.

We also have how-to videos and application instructions on the best way to apply the auto touch paint for optimal results. Together, we can keep your car looking good for years to come.

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If your color was not listed in our database that's quite normal. In fact 22% of our customers when ordering have to manually add their vehicle details at this stage, so you're not alone.

Fill out as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% color match guarantee on every kit regardless.