100% Color Match Guarantee
100% Color Match Guarantee

Honda Accord Touch Up Paint Pens and Spray Paint

Color Match Guarantee

Why choose Touch Up Paint Factory for your Honda Accord?

Offering a unique 100% color match guarantee; Touch Up Paint Factory synchronises the paint with the color code of your Honda Accord for an exact match.

Simple instructions and all the required accessories are included, making Touch Up Paint Factory’s products perfect for the average DIYer.

Full resprays can become a thing of the past, thanks to our seamless paint finish – scratches simply vanish.

Far cheaper, yet just as effective, Touch Up Paint Factory provides and easy-to-use DIY solution that assures a professional paint/scratch repair.

All-in-1 paint pen & bottle combines paint and clear coat in 1

Exact-match aerosol uses a high color opacity and Project Nozzle for best application

A perfect finish in half the time

Clear, simple and user-friendly instructions

A complete set of accessories

If your color was not listed in our database that's quite normal. In fact 22% of our customers when ordering have to manually add their vehicle details at this stage, so you're not alone.

Fill out as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% color match guarantee on every kit regardless.